For my graduation project I created a restaurant concept. The idea behind the project came about when I reflected on mine and my friends' interaction with restaurant menus. Whenever we went out to eat or drink, the same thing happened - we picked up our phones and checked the restaurant's menu in advance. Mainly through Instagram to get an idea of what the food looked like. 
This became the basis of my project and led to the question, "how come photography is only used in the menu at budget restaurants?". I wanted to explore how the need to view food could be addressed at the restaurant instead. Not necessarily for the customer to choose food faster, but rather to give the customer more control when ordering. The purpose of the project was to explore how a restaurant of a higher price range can be communicative with the help of pictures in the menu, without compromising on the feeling of high quality. Menu text and photography is borrowed from existing restaurants.
Website and SoMe mockups
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